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I am very proud of the many organizations working diligently every day to better our community. Today, members of the I'm Invisible Bullying & Suicide non-profit organization sat down with me to not only discuss their bullying and suicide prevention organization, but to also talk about ways we can implement proven counteractive strategies within our City, that effectively combat this epidemic that is increasingly claiming the lives of so many.

Mayor Joe Pitts

Wanted to say thank you to Dwight Jemison, Sharon Edwards and company for their very effective moment to combat bullying in our community.  If you run into these folks please tell them thank you for their extraordinary efforts. Mayor Joe Pitts

Thanks Sharon for your support of the Red Cross and keep up the good work on educating on bullying and suicide prevention! make all your #Moments Matter Author Dave Sanderson International Speaker, Trainer, “Survivor of Flight #1549 Miracle on the Hudson

Today we finished our Anti-Bullying program with 6th grade—7th and 8th graders participated in their Anti-Bullying program last Friday.  Please continue to talk with your student about being a “buddy and not a bully.” Special thanks to Sharon Edwards and Julia Boyd for organizing this event.

Dr. Marlon Heaston Principal Kenwood Middle School

“Thank you, Sharon, for shedding light onto the darkness of bullying. Having taught for twenty years, I have observed bullying evolve into the horrible beast that it is. At one time, students could find peace out of school from their bullies. But, now with technology, they can’t escape it. The consequences have escalated to the fullest. Hopefully, your book will educate people on the importance of identifying and stopping bullying” Rebecca Edwards, M. Ed, English Teacher at Rossview Middle School, Clarksville-Montgomery County School System

We are so thankful for you all coming to our school!!! Our students loved it and they still talking about it.  We thought it went great especially sharing your own personal experiences and testimonies, the music really reaches our children and made your presentation extremely relatable to our students.  We loved how you involved our students in sharing about their experiences that related to the bullying topic.  Thank you so much for allowing our children to have the opportunity to learn and grow from your program.

Liz Vongkhamchanh

Physical Education Teacher,

Norman Smith Elementary School

Clarksville-Montgomery County School System

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 Ms. Patricia Kirkland who is one of our KMS parents, stopped by the front desk to tell us how appreciative she was for the Anti-Bully Program she attended this morning!  She stated it made her cry as her student really needed this and so did she.  Her remarks concluded with she’s glad KMS has her student’s back and so does she!



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