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About Me

Behind the Words

As a child, Sharon Kaye Edwards was bullied for being short and having curly hair. Although the daily tormenting she experienced was already seemingly overwhelming, she would soon find herself being thrust into much darker place of bullying and depression through the death of her older brother in a car accident. The news of his death was devastating to the entire family, however in the midst of family members offering comfort to one another, 7-year-old Sharon was overlooked and left to deal with the tragedy all alone. With no one to talk to she would constantly cry at school which only added fuel to the bully’s arsenal for reasons to attack. The onslaught of the name calling and hurtful words left her feeling "INVISIBLE” and wishing that she could just disappear……. completely………. forever. Day after day her self-esteem plummeted to the point that it became non-existent. No one knew how much of a lasting impact this would have on her and the many other self-destructive doors that would swing open as a result of it.  

Please feel to see Sharon's  complete story on the link provided below.


"Writing is the geometry of the soul"