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Mrs. Sharon Kaye Edwards and her husband, celebrity photographer Ellery Edwards, founder of LASEWOD Photography, are Executive Producers of a short film entitled, I'm Invisible - A Teen Suicide Victim's Cry. It has been utilized as a teaching tool in school assemblies as well as for training purposes in community-based workshops. A published author, public speaker, and most importantly Anti-Bullying Activist, Sharon Kaye Edwards utilizes her painful life experiences of being bullied as motivation to encourage children to embrace differences and to love one another.

Mrs. Edwards is the CEO of SKE Publishing and is the creator of the SKE School Assembly Programs and has written three books: ACTIONS THE BULLYING & RESOURCE GUIDE for the 21st Century, The Girl Who Felt Invisible, and IT'S OKAY TO BE DIFFERENT.

To make an additional impact Mrs. Edwards created the BE YOU Anti-Bullying Fashion & Talent Showcase and the I’M INVISIBLE Anti-Bullying and Suicide Campaign. Both of which have produced amazing results by allowing youth to become more than SPECTATORS AT the events through enabling them to be actual PARTICIPANTS IN the events.



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My work as a writer spans many subjects. I consider my style of writing to be straightforward, professional and creative, and I always try to bridge my love for creative writing with the world of digital media. Offering my experience as a professional writer, I can promise you satisfaction in the work I will create for you. Check out my writing samples and creativity and get in touch directly if you have any questions.